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Most of the furniture for the Architectural Digest Greenroom will be supplied by Drexel Heritage using pieces from their new Walt Disney Signature Collection; this seemed like a natural fit for the Greenroom—not only was Walt Disney one of the most beloved figures in Hollywood, but my earliest memory of television as a child was the Wonderful World of Disney each Sunday night. How perfect, I thought, that we would use the Walt Disney Signature Collection for the Greenroom of television’s biggest night: the Primetime Emmy® Awards!

All of the furniture from the Collection has a great mid-century look and I love the way contrast it will provide to the traditional look of the Greenroom’s walls. I hate it when a space or home looks like it all came from the same period or store; a space like that looks unimaginative and bland. Part of my design philosophy for all of our projects is to achieve a kind of “tension” in a room that is brought about by mixing pieces from different periods or styles. I love mixing a fine 18th-century piece of furniture with a very contemporary painting or photograph. When you do that, you can’t help but see both pieces in a different way and the overall experience of the space is much richer and more interesting. To me, nothing is worse than looking at a space that looks as if it had all just been delivered from a store or showroom!

Here are some of the pieces of furniture we will be using from the Walt Disney Signature Collection for Drexel Heritage:

Holmby ChairKingswell ChairSilverlake Oval CommodeStudio Martini Table

From left to right: Holmby Chair; Kingswell Chair; Silverlake Oval Commode; and Studio Martini Table.


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