Green, “Green,” Greenroom

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When I was first approached by Architectural Digest to do the Greenroom for this year’s Primetime Emmy® Awards, they told me that they wanted it to be an environmentally friendly room. We have done a number of “green” projects so that was not a problem, but one of my first thoughts was that this presented a great opportunity to dispel the notion that a “green” space had to be either cold and contemporary (with lots of steel and bamboo) or that it had to be typically “Birkenstock-y” and funky. With the wide range of eco-friendly products available today, it is no longer necessary to make the trade-off between luxury and “green.” This year’s greenroom would showcase the concept of “Eco-Luxury!”

I wanted to show that a space that is truly luxurious and elegant can also be warm and comfortable. Rooms should be places where we can feel at ease to really use without having to worry about putting our feet up on the sofa or place a glass on the table. In all of our projects, we try to create an atmosphere of casual elegance where comfort and luxury go hand-in-hand.

Finally, when I looked at the Architectural Digest Greenrooms done for past Emmy awards, I found that none of the spaces had incorporated the color green. As a color, green is known to be calming, healing and easy to live with. The purpose of a Greenrooom is to have a space where the performers can relax before going on stage so it seemed only natural to use the color green throughout the space. So for the first time this year’s Architectural Digest Greenroom for the Primetime Emmys will all be done in various shades of green. I like to think of it as the green, “green,” Greenroom!

When I was first told all of the logistical goals for the AD Greenroom, I thought to myself “how is that even possible?” The overall space is quite small and yet it has to have seating for up to 20 people at any given time, it needs to have a lot of surfaces to provide refreshments for the performers, it needs to have a minimum of three large television monitors so that people can follow the awards from everywhere in the room….the list of objectives went on an on and in addition to all of that, it has to be beautiful in keeping with Architectural Digest’s position as the pre-eminent design magazine in America. No easy task! The space that is allocated for the Greenrooom is directly off of the stage of the Shrine Auditorium, but it is a wide open space with only two existing walls and a set of stairs going to the outside in the middle of one of those walls. There is a large structural column that is placed 6 feet into the middle of one of the corners.

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